Who Is Clikz Digital?

Clikz is a company that was born out of necessity. For years, built sites for our own businesses, and for companies we worked with. So we took that experience and started Clikz Digital. We have been building websites for organizations throughout the United States both large and small. After building dozens of sites and helping companies to grow, demand for our services made the decision for us to create our own company. Designing sites since 2001, we have grown to a company that has a great number of resources available to it and an impressive portfolio we can share.

Now with a staff that includes creative and database administration personnel, a working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing professionals, we continue to grow. We specialize as a website design and development firm offering marketing services to our clients. We design sites for businesses of all sizes.

Not just geeks.

Yes we are Geeks, and we wear that badge proudly, but we are much more than that. As business people, we understand how to get your image, your taste and your vision online. We provide our best advice and apply our experience and expertise to turn your vision into a fully functioning website. We pride ourselves on creating sites that are easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, and sell you and your business.

There are lots of people that can deliver a site to you, some sites can even be incredibly attractive, but if the work needed in the background, buried in the code of the site is not done, you only have half a site - it's like having a Renoir painting sitting in a closet, no one will see it! Ensuring that the keywords, links and meta tags are in place and work for you is more important than the site itself. You need a company that understands just how to make the Internet work for you. Not just build a pretty site.


  • Jeff Hecht

    Jeff Hecht


    Jeff's background is in the corporate world with 25 years of experience in telecommunications. He was the owner of a computer center in Wayne, NJ called CyberConxion, later sold in 2002. During his time there, he began building websites for his business and some others. He developed a passion for this and continued to grow the business until forming what is now Clikz Digital.

  • Melanie Sosis

    Melanie Sosis


    As a Brooklyn native, Mel graduated in 2015 from the NYC College of Technology with a Bachelors of Technology in Communication Design. Her specialization there was in Web Design and User Experience. She is always keeping up to date on current trends and best practices through online and offline resources. In her spare time, she enjoys traditional and digital illustration.

  • Brian Skaff

    Brian Skaff


    Brian is our strategic partner with Complete Computer Solutions. Together we manage web hosting for our clients. Brian is a skilled and experienced expert with hardware and operating systems. We work with clients to ensure that the server performance is optimal and sites load quickly.

  • James Demas

    James Demas


    James is a graduate of Duquesne University in Communications and Journalism. With experience as a copywriter he has had a the opportunity to work on an amazing number of direct to consumer campaigns. His understanding of language and how to attract customers to act makes him ideal for websites. His services can be provided on any project as necessary.


    At Clikz Digital we are always learning about the new advances in web design,
    SEO and other aspects that impact your site design and effectiveness.

    Modern Designs

    Modern Designs

    As technology for sites continues to advance, we continue to add these capabilities to our designs. We strive to give you the best of form and function.
    Multiple Options

    Multiple Options

    We want to find the best solution for you, not force the technology we know on you. This is why we work in multiple platforms.


    We take pride in our designs, and more importantly in our customers taking pride in them. We want your site to be perfect for you.
    Deadline Respect

    Deadline Respect

    We work to make sure that when we take on a project that we are able to complete it as promised, ON TIME! Your needs as a business are important to us.
    Lifetime Support

    Lifetime Support

    We will always be here to help you. From adding photos, changing content or adding features, we are just an email of phone call away.


    We are dependable. When we tell you we will do something we will do it. We do not make empty promises to win business.


    Complete Computer Solutions of New Jersey and Clikz Digital have been partners since 2008 yCCS LOGO 2014 Black shadow 400ears. This two-way relationship has resulted in the growth of both organizations.

    Complete Computer Solutions provides computer technical support to small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Northern Jersey and NYC region. The founder of Clikz has worked with CCS clients' for thier website development needs.

    This relationship thrives today as we use and recommend CCS for all web hosting and computer repair and maintenance. If you are in need of business or residential networking or computer support of any kind, we strongly recommend the staff at CCS.  They can be contacted at (973) 942-8000, and be sure to tell them you heard about them from Clikz Digital!

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