Making a beautiful and responsive website is only one step toward increased recognition. Websites need a steady flow of visitors. A crucial key to attracting visitors to your page is to secure a high listing on Google’s search results. With over 2.3 million Google searches performed every minute, search engines are a go-to tool for those in need of goods and services. SEO entails a wide array of strategies implemented to ensure that businesses’ websites are the first thing Google users see upon making a search.

Your SEO Services Company Partner

Creating an elegant, user-friendly website is just the beginning in the website design process. Even if you have the most creatively designed site on the internet, it won't do you any good if no one can find it. SEO is a complex and methodical process. It is not a one-and-done deal. Without the continuous monthly attention of an SEO professional, your site's search results can suffer. According to Search Engine Watch, first page search results garner 95% of all search traffic. If you want to obtain first page traffic, get the top SEO company in New Jersey to help get your brand noticed on a local level.

Quality Link Building

One of the many ways our team moves your website toward the first page of search engine results is through high-quality links. In addition to links, search engines also measure other factors which contribute to your site's search ranking. Clikz Digital will collaborate with your team to develop a content strategy to create shareable content. We then leverage your content with social channels to build backlinks and social signals. Search engines notice when your content is shared across social media and reward you for it in the search engine results page (SERP).

Monthly SEO Reports

Our SEO team will provide you with monthly reports with rankings and updates so we are held accountable for the work we perform. The reports give insight into new opportunities and possible threats from competitors so you can secure your online presence. We will also alert you to any noteworthy industry news so you can stay on top of any changes within your field of work.


As SEO requests are unique in nature, we cannot accurately quote them online without understanding our clients’ needs. Our starter packages begin at $600 a month and up, depending on the client’s goals and demands.

What You Get

  • Checking websites for any Google filters in order to form a strategy for the next steps.
  • Selecting the most relevant commercial keywords that will attract the largest target audience possible.
  • Website structure analysis and keywords distribution. Selecting the pages for corresponding word-combinations promotion.
  • Gathering information about your competitors to make you fully prepared for their actions.
Internal Optimization
The purpose of the following internal optimization steps is to meet basic Google search engine ranking criteria, to show the advantage the promoted websites have over rival websites and to get rid of the constraints that impede the progress.
  • Creation of meta tags according to the list of keywords under promotion.
  • Improvement of the website HTML code, placing required tags and attributes corresponding to the current search engine standards. Adding alt tags and closing external links via no follow attribute to preserve the weight of the pages.
  • SEO texts writing.
  • Error 404 and broken links removal.
  • Changing website interlinking to add max link juice to the promoted pages.
  • Editing of robots.txt and .htaccess files for correct website display in search engines. Sitemap file generation for complete indexing of the website pages.
  • Placing social media buttons on the website for social media signals improvement.
External Optimization

Clikz SEO specialists begin manually placing links on the niche-related web resources relevant to your website content. Links placed are integrated into unique content, which allows achieving perfect results. Clikz Digital has more than 50,000 high-quality partner sites on various niches subjects that are carefully selected according to domain age and Google Trust Rank.

Link building is performed gradually according to the ratio:

  • 40% - anchor links
  • 50% - non-anchor links
  • 10% - brand name links

We Get Results

Many of our clients have come to us and have asked is SEO BS? We are here to assure you it is not. It is a necessary part of any online strategy.

There are companies that will take your money and it seems like they provide you with nothing for that money. Others will get you to rank first page really fast, and then you fall off into the abyss. These companies use "Black Hat" techniques, that work for a short time and then you have to work so much harder to get back on top.
Clikz Digital uses only "White Hat" or clean methods of getting your site to the first page of Google for your selected keywords.

We will provide you a report of your keywords each month that will show you where you were, and where you rank for each keyword.

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