Jeffrey Hecht

A 25-year veteran in the telecommunications industry working his way up to Chief Technology Officer. Hecht worked with such companies as PT-1 Communications, IDT Corp., and Telron International. When the telecommunications industry came to a head with the Enron and MCI/Worldcom scandals, Jeff knew that it was necessary to reinvent himself.

A driven entrepreneur, Jeff opened a computer game center in Wayne, New Jersey. “Cyber Conxion” soon became a destination where gamers would pay to play with and against each other. Realizing that this business required a website, Jeff, with his technical knowledge, insight and drive taught himself to design, create and build websites. He found great satisfaction in this type of work and began developing websites for a variety of businesses. Now, more than 15 years later he continues to enjoy the passion in helping companies elevate their brands and refine their on-line presence.

Jeff grew up in The “Advertising Age.” His father’s NYC and West Coast based agency (HHP) Hecht, Higgins and Peterson became the foundation for his future passion. Working Summers, weekends and after school, much of Hecht’s design sense and aesthetic values were garnered from living in a creative environment. Hence, giving birth in 2012 to Clikz Design in the basement of his Wayne, New Jersey home.

In May of 2017, Jeff chose to re brand and change the company name to Clikz Digital which encompasses all areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Now, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in its home of Wayne, New Jersey, Jeff, at the helm along with his talented unique and diverse crew continues to make sure “Clikz “stays on course. BTW, One of Hecht’s most favorite pastimes is sailing. Navigating his clients through the often turbulent seas of the digital world is what he does best!

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